Claudia Schiffer Curates Exhibition for Kunstpalast Museum in Düsseldorf

Claudia Schiffer offers a unique perspective on the decade that changed fashion forever, as curator of ‘Fashion Photography from the 1990s’

Claudia Schiffer takes Kunstpalast visitors on a personal journey through the 1990s. In her first curated exhibition, Schiffer brings together legendary fashion photographers, designers, editors and supermodels, whose energy and vision like her own, captivated and shaped the decade.   

“The 80’s was when I fell in love with fashion, but the 90’s was when I learnt what fashion really was. It was an intense and amazing time that had not been seen before, when shoots lasted for days and fashion was front-page news for weeks. Myself, and the other supermodels lived and breathed it and for the first time we realised together, we had the power to make change. I’m thrilled to be curating this exhibition with the Kunstpalast Düsseldorf, sharing my personal journey and the work of some of the industry’s greatest artists.” Claudia Schiffer